The fun and easy way to play keyboards regardless of age or ability

We believe that playing the piano should be fun and that’s the reason we have developed RainPlay.

At last there is no longer the need to read music, pay for expensive lessons, or be blessed with musical talent to play any piece of music to perfection.

RainPlay is a revolutionary keyboard mastering device that contains over 700 rain-like LED lights to show you which notes to play. Descending blue lights represent black keys and white lights represent white keys.

£449 £349

Think of RainPlay as a visualiser for musical notes.

Simply place the elegant and beautifully crafted brushed aluminium RainPlay display panel directly above the keys on your keyboard. RainPlay’s microprocessors transform readily available midi files downloaded from the internet and convert them into individual notes.

An instant before a note is due for playing, the first of the LEDs illuminates identifying the note. Seven further LEDs illuminate in quick succession until the cascading stream is complete and the note played.

This unique streaming feature allows the player to anticipate when and where the next note should be played, allowing seamless, note perfect playing.

You can adjust the brightness and speed of the descending streams, enabling the player to retain full control of the performance.

Virtually any song or piece of music ever written can be downloaded from the internet and a range of software is available to stream the notes to the device via MIDI (we recommend SYNTHESIA). RainPlay is a plug-and-play USB-MIDI device that is compatible with all known operating systems.

RainPlay is powered by your computer and needs no additional power supply. Rainplay is supplied complete with mini-USB cable and a selection of rubber feet for easy & safe positioning on any piano or keyboard.

Complete beginners who have never played a keyboard before, love how exciting and rewarding it feels when they realise they are in full control and two or even three players can perform together, guaranteeing maximum fun for friends and family of all ages.

Finally, RainPlay is a fantastic way to rediscover the joy of piano. Players who have long stopped practicing can relive their favourite musical memories.

Make friends with your piano and follow the light with RainPlay

Each RainPlay is carefully hand-assembled in France to order so please allow up to ten days between order and dispatch. Free shipping worldwide 




£449 £349